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(A Centre for Performing Arts)

Durgapur Women’s College

Mahatma Gandhi Road, Durgapur-713209, West Bengal

Art and Culture are intertwined. In order to preserve traditional Indian art and culture for the younger generation,  we organise various events for the development of the young artists, i.e. our students at the college.

Nandanik is a cell for art & craft at Durgapur Women’s College. Here we nurture and showcase paintings, handicraft products, and song-and-dance performances of our students for their holistic development.


Members of Nandanik

1. Dr.MahanandaKanjilal-(Principal)/ (Chairperson)

2. Prof. Manimala Ghosh

3. Dr. Chandrima Das

4. Prof. Sunanda B. S. Mallick

5. Surya Sarkar-(SACT)

6Prof.Runa Chatterjee (SACT)

7. Prof. Jnui Bhattacharya(SACT)

8. Prof. Sunanda B. S. Mallick

9. Sayani Mohanto – (Student)


Reports on Past Events:

Nandanik Report


Durgapur Women's College
Mahatma Gandhi Rd,

Durgapur, WestBengal

Pincode: 713209

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