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In the rapidly evolving academic and technological landscape, the integration of a Research and Development (R&D) Cell within a college is essential for fostering innovation, enhancing educational quality, and contributing to societal advancement. The R&D Cell will serve as a hub for promoting research activities, facilitating industry-academia collaboration, and nurturing the intellectual growth of students and faculty.

Members of the Cell:

  1. Dr. Mahananda Kanjilal – (Chairperson)
  2. Krishanu Sarkar- (Coordinator)
  3. Sri. Kajal Mandal –  (Jt.Coordinator)
  4. Dr. Chandrima Das
  5. Dr. Surajit Karmakar
  6. Smt. Riman Rakshit (SACT)
  7. Sri. Jiko Raut (SACT)
  8. Sri. Ayan Mukherjee (SACT)
  9. Sri. Samrat Dasgupta (SACT)
  10. Smt. Arjita Banerjee(SACT)
  11. Smt.Tithi Pal- (Student)
  12. Smt. Koyel Sarkar – (Student)


  1. Promote Research Culture: Encourage a research-oriented mindset among students and faculty members.
  2. Facilitate Collaboration: Establish partnerships with industries, research organizations, and academic institutions.
  3. Enhance Academic Excellence: Integrate research findings into the curriculum to provide cutting-edge knowledge.
  4. Funding and Grants: Secure funding from various agencies to support research projects.
  5. Innovation and Patents: Encourage innovation and guide researchers in securing patents and intellectual property rights.

Functions and Activities

  1. Research Promotion: Organize workshops, seminars, and conferences to promote research activities.
  2. Research Projects: Assist faculty and students in identifying research opportunities and formulating research proposals.
  3. Industry Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration with industry partners for joint research projects, internships, and consultancy.
  4. Publication Support: Provide support for publishing research findings in reputed journals and conferences.
  5. Intellectual Property: Offer guidance on patent filing and intellectual property management.
  6. Resource Mobilization: Identify and apply for research grants and funding from government and private agencies.

Structure of the R&D Cell

  1. Chairperson: Typically the Principal providing overall leadership and strategic direction.
  2. Coordinator: A senior faculty member responsible for the day-to-day operations of the R&D Cell.
  3. Faculty Representatives: Faculty members from different departments to represent and coordinate research activities across various disciplines.
  4. Student Representatives: Selected student members to bring in fresh ideas and facilitate student participation in research activities.


Implementation Plan

  1. Phase 1: Planning and Establishment
    • Conduct needs assessment and feasibility study.
    • Define the structure, roles, and responsibilities of the R&D Cell.


  1. Phase 2: Capacity Building
    • Organize training programs and workshops for faculty and students.
    • Establish partnerships with industry and research organizations.
    • Develop a repository of research resources and materials.
  2. Phase 3: Operations and Monitoring
    • Launch the R&D Cell and initiate research activities.
    • Monitor and evaluate ongoing projects and activities.
    • Provide regular reports to the college management on progress and achievements.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Enhanced Research Output: Increased number of research publications, patents, and innovative projects.
  2. Improved Academic Standards: Integration of research findings into teaching, leading to improved curriculum and teaching methods.
  3. Industry Collaboration: Stronger ties with industry, leading to collaborative research projects, internships, and placement opportunities for students.
  4. Student and Faculty Development: Enhanced skills and knowledge among students and faculty, promoting lifelong learning and professional growth.


The establishment of a Research and Development (R&D) Cell in this college is a strategic initiative that can significantly contribute to the academic and professional growth of the institution. By fostering a culture of research and innovation, the R&D Cell will not only enhance the quality of education but also position the college as a leader in research and development, benefiting society at large.



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