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Women’s Cell

Durgapur Women’s College

Mahatma Gandhi Road, Durgapur-713209, West Bengal

About Women’s Cell

Women’s Cell seeks to empower and orient women so they can identify their own potential and make a name for themselves in a competitive world. The total development of the individual in all areas of their life is the aim.


To enable women to become agents of social and economic change and instill moral principles for the betterment of themselves, their families, and society by empowering them in all areas of life.


The goal of our training program is to equip women with a broad range of knowledge and skills that will help them thrive in the social, economic, and intellectual spheres and contribute to global peace, security, and prosperity.


  • To increase female staff members’ and students’ sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • To encourage harmony in general and guard against sexual harassment and discrimination against women in the institutions by periodically offering the administration helpful advice.
  • To educate pupils about gender equity.
  • Assisting students in adopting a more positive outlook on life and women.
  • To use social service to create a society where gender equality is socially and economically upheld, as envisioned by the Indian Constitution.
  • Educating women in rural areas about their legal and social rights and providing them with the tools they need to combat discrimination and gender violence.
  • To raise consciousness, impart morals, and cultivate a person’s character and leadership abilities.



  • Organizing special lectures by women achievers and interaction with students.
  • Workshops pertaining to girls’ self-employment.
  • Celebration of International Women’s Day.

Women’s Cell Members

Dr. Mahananda Kanjilal (Chairperson)

  1. Chandrima Das (Convener)
  2. Sangeeta Karmakar (Jt. Convener)
  3. Mitali Ghosh Moulick (SACT)
  4. Manimala Ghosh
  5. Sunanda B.S. Mallick
  6. Dolan Dutta (SACT)
  7. Riman Rakshit (SACT)
  8. Runa Chatterjee (SACT)
  9. Arjita Dutta (C.U.)
  10. Sruti Mukherjee (student)
  11. Sirsha Banerjee (student)

Reports on Past Events:

Nari Bhabna


Durgapur Women's College
Mahatma Gandhi Rd,

Durgapur, WestBengal

Pincode: 713209

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