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The Nature Club

Durgapur Women’s College

Mahatma Gandhi Road, Durgapur-713209, West Bengal

The Nature Club is introduced to spread awareness among students and teachers about the importance of conserving nature. The club believes that nature itself teaches life’s lessons in its own ways and enables our young students to take up their responsibility in maintaining a healthy environment. It also allows the students to take steps to avoid environmental degradation in their individual capacity as well as in a group.

The club is formed with an aim of helping our students to reduce stress, improve concentration, be more physically active and to encourage students in spending more time outdoors. There are numerous opportunities to make the time spent in nature entertaining and educational.


Nature Club has been set up with the following objectives:

  1. Develop awareness of and encourage an interest in the natural environment among its students through meetings, talks, workshops, study groups, and field trips.
  2. Promote stewardship of nature and develop the attitude of conservation among the student members.
  3. Co-operate and collaborate with focus groups to enable the protection and saving of natural resources which we sustain.
  4. Develop opportunities to learn and become better green leaders of tomorrow.


The major function of nature club is to help students experience the wonder and wilderness of nature, to create awareness on environment and issues of conservation, thus promoting environment friendly lifestyles. It includes the activities such as;


  1. Field Photography – Photography competitions.
  2. Awareness Talk & Workshops – talk about today’s relevant topics, or experience

sharing with the help of a resource person.

  1. Tree plantation programs – Plantation of indoor and outdoor medicinal plants, giving awareness on medicinal plants to overcome the diseases.
  2. Eco Fest – Various competitions like slogans, posters, Quiz, creating best out of e-waste paper bag painting, clay modelling etc.
  3. One-day nature camp and jungle trek.
  4. Environmental Awareness Programme – spread awareness among local people regarding different environmental problems and its effects through slogans, posters, skits, theme street dance, videos.
  5. E- waste campaign – Competition on innovations with discarded materials like broken bangles, copper wire, plastic bottle, newspaper, pots, buttons etc.


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